Molecular Diagnostic Services (Pty) Ltd was established by Dr Denis York in September 1997.  It has as its focus the use of the most advanced technology to perform molecular and genetic analysis in the human and veterinary fields.  All tests are quality controlled and are highly accurate and sensitive.  MDS Australia Pty Ltd in assosiation with Molecular Diagnostic Services (Pty) Ltd offers molecular tests for a wide range of genetic markers and diseases as listed.

Based in Durban, South Africa, Molecular Diagnostic Services (MDS) is a highly advanced molecular diagnostic laboratory with 10 years experience and an international reputation.  MDS is also represented in Australia and Europe.
A private laboratory, MDS specialises in molecular or nucleic acid based testing.  We offer testing in both the human and veterinary fields covering infectious diseases, paternity testing, genotyping assays (for example HIV drug resistance) and food intolerance.  In addition, we distribute a range of Rapid and Molecular test kits.

The MDS website offers clients the convenience of ordering test kits online.  In addition, the website has a secure login where our clients can view and download the results for the tests they requested.

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