Veterinary Rapid tests are the ideal diagnostic test should be able to provide an instant on site result and be able to be performed with a minimum of expertise and without expensive equipment. Rapid tests use the latest in diagnostic technology, and fill all these requisites. The test kits are individually controlled and have a long shelf life and can be used at ambient temperature. Rapid tests can be designed to detect either antibodies or antigens.

Veterinary Rapid Tests

In Association with Anigen – world leaders in veterinary rapid testing

BovineRapid Bovine Brucella
RB23-01Ab against Brucella
 Whole Blood
plasma or serum
or milk
99.8%96.8%20 minutesx
BovineRapid Bovine TB
RB23-02Ab against
Mycobaterium Bovis
plasma or serum98.6%85.1%20 minutes x
 BovineRapid Bovine FMD AbRB28-02Foot and Mouth Ab Whole Blood
plasma or serum
95.4%99.0%20 minutes x
 CanineRapid CPV AgRG11-01Canine Parvo Virus AgFaeces98.8%100%5-10 minutesx
CanineRapid Canine
Dirofilaria Immitis
RG11-02Heartworm Ag Whole Blood
plasma or serum
100%99.8%5-10 minutes x
CanineRapid CDV AgRG11-03Canine Distemper
Virus Ag
urine,salvia or
conjuctiva swab
97%96.5%5-10 minutes x
CanineRapid CCV AgRG11-04Canine Corona Virus AgFaeces98%95%5-10 minutes x
CanineRapid CPV Ag/CCV AgRG11-05Canine Parvo Virus Ag &
Corona Virus
Faeces98%95%5-10 minutes x
 CanineRapid CDV/CAV Ag Test
RG11-06Canine Distemper Virus
Adenovirus antigen
combo test
 conjuctiva swab and
nasal Swab
97/94%96.5/97%5-10 minutes x
 CanineRapid CIRD-3 Ag Test
RG11-09Canine Distemper Virus
Adenovirus antigen/ Canine
Influenza virus
antigen triple test
 conjuctiva swab and
nasal Swab
97/94/90%96.5/97/100%5-10 minutes x
CanineRapid Rabies AgRG18-01Rabies Virus AbSalvia & brain
from canine & bovine
100%92%5-10 minutesx
 CanineRapid CPV AbRB21-01Against Canine Parvo VirusWhole Blood ,
plasma or serum
100%98%20 minutes x
CanineRapid CDV AbRB21-02Ab Against Canine
Virus Ab
Whole Blood ,
plasma or serum
100%85%20 minutesx
CanineRapid CIV AbRB21-04Canine Influenza
virus antibody
Plasma,Serum97%97%20 minutesx
CanineRapid Canine
Brucella Ab
RB22-03 Ab against Brucella CanisWhole Blood ,
Plasma or serum
100%98% 20 minutes x
CanineRapid CIV AgRG11-10Canine Influenza virus
antigen test
Nasal fluid90.00%100.00%10 minutesx
CanineRapid CIV Ag / CIV AgRG11-11Canine Distemper virus
Influenza  virus antigen combo test
Conjunctiva and
nasal swab
97/90%96.5/100%10 minutesx
Canine/FelineRapid Giardia AgRG18-02Giardia Ag for Canine & FelineFaeces100%100%10 minutesx
FelineRapid FelV AgRG12-01Feline Leukaemia Virus AgWhole Blood,
Plasma or serum
100%97.8%5-10 minutesx
FelineRapid FPV AgRG12-03Feline Panleukopaenia Virus AgFaeces97%98.5%5-10 minutesx
FelineRapid FIV Ab/FelV AgRC12-04Feline Imunodefficiency virus
antibody/Feline Leukemia virus antogen combo test
Whole Blood ,
Plasma or serum
96.8/94.7%99.6/99.7%5-10 minutesxx
FelineRapid FCoVRG12-05Feline Corona VirusFaeces95.50%98.80%5-10 minutes x
 PorcineRapid RotaRG18-03 Rota Virus , Group A AgDiarrhoea Faeces
from bovine porcine & canine
100%97.8%%5-10 minutes x
PorcineRapid TGE/PEDRG14-03Transmissible Gastroenteritis
Virus Ag/ Epidermic
Diarrhoea Ag
Diarrhoea Faeces99%97%5-10 minutesx
PorcineRapid TGE AgRG14-02Transmissible Gastroenteritis
Virus Ag
Diarrhoea Faeces99 %98%5-10 minutesx
PorcineRapid PED AgRG14-01Porcine Epidermic Diarrhoea AgDiarrhoea Faeces 99%97.8%5-10 minutesx
PoultryRapid AIV AgRG15-01Avian Influenza Virus AgDiarrhoea Faeces100%100%x
PoultryRapid AIV Ab
Test Kit
RB25-01Avian Influenza Antibody testPlasma,serum92%100%20 minutesx
PoultryRapid AIV H5 AgRG15-05Avian Inflenzea Virus
Subtype H5 Ag
Diarrhoea Faeces92%100%20 minutesx
PoultryRapid IBDVRG 15-04Infectious Bursal
Disease Virus Ag
Bursa of fabricious93%90%10 minutesx
PoultryRapid NDV AgRG 15-03Newcastle Disease Virus AgFaeces , Trachea95%93%10 minutesx
PoultryRapid AIV Ag/NDV Ag
RG15-09Avain influenza Virus/Newcastle
Disease virus antigen combo test
Faeces , Trachea100/95%100/93%10 minutesx
PoultryRapid AIV type A /H7 AIV Ag comboRG15-10Avian Influenza virus / Avian influenza vrius H7 antigen
typing combo test
Faeces , Trachea100/100%100/96%10 minutesx
PoultryRapid AIV type A /H9 AIV Ag comboRG15-11Avian Influenza virus / Avian influenza vrius H9 antigen
typing combo test
Faeces , Trachea100/100%100/90%10 minutesx
PoultryRapid H7 AIV AgRG15-07Avian Influenza virus H7 strain
antigen typing test
Faeces , Trachea96.00%96.00%10 minutesx
PoultryRapid H9 AIV AgRG15-08Avian Influenza virus H9 strain
antigen typing test
Faeces , Trachea100%90.00%10 minutesx
New Urine
VetUro ColorVU51-01Tests for blood ,Bilirubin,
Gravity,Leucocytes,in Canine or Feline urine